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Distribution of tokens

Token type - Utility token

  • 0.1 USD

    Token price

  • 5 000 000 BC

    Sold on pre-ico

  • 95 000 000 BC

    For sale on ICO

  • 247.000.000 BC

    Total supply

Оur results

  • News feed

This is a full-fledged new feed consisting of unique
and qualitative materials designed in accordance with
the principles of the project. Each article is characterized
by a unique text written by our specialists and
a picture painted especially for it.

  • ICO list

This is a constantly updated list of ongoing ICO projects. If you are developing your own one and want to receive the support, you can easily add your initial coin offering here, in a free partners way, or with promotion. provides the information about huge amount of ICOs, and if you want to contribute to
the development of an advanced technology, examine the list and pick your favorites.

  • Coin market list

Basic information of a token or a coin, its market capitalization, price, 24 hour volume,
supply and 24 hour change. It clearly demonstrates the main trendings for each one of them
in particular and for the crypto market in general, as in the section one can find total market
capitalization, number of cryptocurrencies, BTC dominance and etcetera. All the data is verified
and promptly updated and we make sure that our clients immediately obtain the relevant information.

  • People library

This section is devoted to the most powerful and famous people of the industry. Here we can see their names, pictures and achievements in the field of blockchain as well as linkedin profiles and working company details.

  • Events list

These days, the crypto-world has hundreds of events every year.
Сonferences give people a chance to establish useful contacts,
and if you miss one, it might be an irreparable loss.
Here you can find comfortable events calendar with information
due to all upcoming events, as well as that were in the past.

  • Block-chain Explorer

In this section of the website we have located a Block-chain Explorer for popular blockchains
such as bitcoin, ethereum, etc. It allows users to track down the information on hashes,
transactions and, moreover, the number of wallets. Fairly simple interface makes it convenient
to search the information, as the configurable list shows the latest transactions, their
hashes and value out. Each transaction is clickable and users can learn more about it: size,
weight, received time, fee, total input, total output and some other details.

  • Advertisement Marketplace

This is a comfortable marketplace with all advertising services listed in a informative way.
You can check the services price and availability, choose from promotion packages
and subscribe for special offers.

We have already gained the market weight

Unique content and powerful domain give us rapid growth on the crypto media market.
With knowledge about it will increase the token value with further growth, as well as the ico contribution of each person

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Block-chain ICO chat
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